FDNY Rule 3 RCNY §505-01 & 505-02

deadline 3/30/18  

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On 06/01/2016 The New York City Fire Department adopted a new rule which has become a NYC safety law. 

FDNY Rule 3 RCNY§505-01 & 505-02 requires specialized Apartment and Guest Room Identification, and Directional Markings and Signs. 

All apartment buildings in New York City must comply with the marking and sign requirements by March 30, 2018.

This new law sets specific standards and requirements for the design and placement of specialized apartment, guest room, and stairwell door signs, as well as lobby and hallway corridor directional signs. 

Apartments, guest rooms, and stairwell entrance doors are to be marked with low-mounted, retroreflective or photoluminescent unit number signs that serve to assist first responders in conducting search and rescue operations in less time.  Unit numbers and stairwells can now be more easily identified by occupants and first responders in smoky conditions that typically obscure eye-level signage.

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This law must be followed by all buildings in New York City classified as Occupancy Group R-1 and R-2*

*R-1 Residential Buildings

Boarding houses (transient)
Hotels (transient)
Motels (transient)

*R-2 Residential Buildings with more than two apartments, where the occupants are primarily permanent.

Apartment houses
Boarding houses
Fraternities and sororities
Hotels (non-transient) 
Live/Work Units
Motels (non-transient) 
Vacation Timeshares

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Click Here To Access Official Law (NYC.gov)

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